Fede Canal Santiangeli

About Fede

The first film that moved Fede was Fievel and the New World. The second Jurassic Park. His parents told him that dinosaurs no longer existed and that they could only see them being an archaeologist or making movies, he chose the second option.

He does not like to describe himself as he believes that his look is flexible and can be adapted to countless projects and that is reflected in his work.

He is a versatile, multidisciplinary filmmaker who approaches projects naturally and enthusiastically, always making them grow and adding value to each of his pieces. With a reflective and aesthetic look, and a great resolution capacity that led him to work both in large campaigns for brands such as Vodafone, CocaCola, Ikea, Iberdrola, Red Cross, among others, as well as in personal projects in which he seeks to experiment and navigate on themes and social concerns as well as metaphorical. Every job he faces motivates him and he always seeks to tell things clearly and spectacularly in equal measure.

He is currently in the editing and post-production phase of his next short film and facing a new experimental fiction project that will be released in 2021.