About René

René Rodlauer is a 28 year old director who lives in Vienna, Austria.

From an early age on René was inspired and fascinated by music videos and films of the late 90s and early 2000s. After working as an editor for many years on weekends, he focused on working on set as a cinematographer and director for branded content productions (Magenta, Erste Bank, Biotherm, Almdudler, BIPA,…) whilst he still was studying. After finishing university, he immediately worked his way into the commercial and music video industry as a director in Austria. 

René’s strong vision and his positive mental attitude helped him wrap up projects for international and national clients with his highlights being a YSL film in late 2020 and his first TVC for the Austrian startup “Rendity” in early 2020.

One of his strengths is definitely the ability to work on projects very early on as he is very initiative in the conceptualizing process of a project. As René is deeply inspired by pop culture, vivid saturated colors and the movement of light, his work is focusing mainly on music videos and fashion/beauty films.

In 2021 René joined the Crack team.