Nano Carulla

Acerca de Nano

Nano Carulla is a graduate of the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina in Film and a master’s degree in cinematography at the Barcelona Film School. He is a cinematographer and partner at Crack.

As a side project, he is Co-Founder of the independent music label Indio de Bogotá. His sensitivity, his passion for light, music and art, have developed a very clear aesthetic and audiovisual style when putting his imprint on his audiovisual products.

With a unique rhythm when it comes to assembling his pieces, Nano approaches reality sensitively and abstractly when narrating any piece.

He has credits as a music video director for several major artists including Cero39, N. Hardem, Aerophon, Mos and Ruzto.

He has also explored documentary narrative for clients such as Red Bull, RCN Television, Adidas, and various sports brands among others.

As director of photography, he has more than 100 projects between documentaries, commercials and video clips for important brands such as Adidas, Grolsch, Microsoft, Sony Music and Pernod Ricard among other clients, always adding a unique approach of light and camera to each project that portrays.

He is currently in Barcelona developing several independent projects, including the short film “La Despedida” and the documentary “Serpent in the West.”