Maria Camila Calle

Acerca de María Camila

Maria Camila’s personal work starts from the recognition of her mind, it is a constant exploration of what speaks to her as a kind of whisper, sometimes she screams and other times she simply doesn’t say anything.

Her images are based on the human figure, animal forms (their respective structures, limbs, the skin) and death, they are the poetry that inspires her to create.

The loneliness of the human being as a source of inspiration, diseases of the mind, the disorder of self-image, hunger, deterioration, the passage of time, darkness. A more poetic vision of death is a constant in her work.

Her language has a dramatic essence, she likes to find answers in things that seem to be wrong, is there where the most important answers for her creation process originate. The disturbing atmospheres, the handling of light and the colorization are the hallmarks in each of her projects, Maria Camila seeks to experiment with new alternatives in the way of narrating, with unusual characters and a break from established patterns.